I love you more than anybody could ever imagine, you honestly mean the world to me, i don’t know where i would be without you i’m not even sure that i would even still be here if it wasn’t for you, sure it’s a little hard sometimes and i know i’m still young and a little immature but i’ve grown up a lot i have, i have! you’re definitely the sensible one in the relationship and i should always listen to you, like when i cut my hair myself and you told me not to, i defintely should have listened to you, sorry for being a rascal all of the time too and making you worry, i’m just trouble i tell ya! i love you because you make everything better, just the sound of your voice makes everything better, you always stop me from doing silly things and you’ve been with me through everything, you know everything about me and my past and i feel okay just knowing that i have you and you’re so re-assuring and positive for me and i just believe you, and i would believe you over absolutely anybody, and i would take your side over anybodies too, you’ll always come first to me. You’re such a lovely person and it bothers me the way some people treat you, just because you’re so lovely doesn’t mean people can walk all over you, oh boy it makes me mad! the only reason i get so jealous is because i care, and i don’t want anybody to take you away from me, nobodies ever meant what you mean to me and this is all really new to me, being so close to somebody it would just be impossible to live without, those few weeks were hard enough, i’m sorry if i don’t treat you the best sometimes /I’M sOrRy I’mA MOOdY BItCH/ but just know i love you through absolutely everything, i couldn’t lose these feelings for you even if i tried -sigh-
You’re everything i’ve ever hoped for, you’re the boy i always dreamed about being with, you know? you’re so perfect to me and not a single soul could replace you or even come close to you, i’ve never really meant anything to anybody before but you make me like i’m actually needed for once, i know this probobly sounds gay and all but i mean it, you’re everything i could ask for and more and i’m the luckiest girl in the world to have you, i know i could just be myself around you, my little hood-rat self and you’re okay with that, also i’ve decided our first hairless cat will be named Ruby Gloom and she will have a red velvet colour with a red bell and must be that cream colour, and we will love her with all the possible love in the world!
Now back to you, i’m not sure i know how to put my feelings for you in words anymore, you’re un-describable Tom, a good un-describable, those eyes filled with the ocean and your pale skin, plenty of bones, road map veins, i like your structure, i like everything about you, you’re very special tom, all i want is to make everything better for you because you deserve it, i just look forward to every single moment with you, i could probobly write for days about everything i’d like to do with you but for now just know that i love you through everything okay? always, there’s a picture of two cats at the bottom because they are just the cutest fokkan babies in the world >:D
Happy six months fag tomlassy! love love love from your GiRlFrIEND www.milksap.tumblr.com -oooooo-

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